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When The Memory Has Faded

Tattoos are a great form of artistic expression.  However, there’s always that unwanted regrettable tattoo you wish you never got or a poor quality tattoo. Maybe you just want something else and want an alternative without having a massive cover-up done.  Over the years there have been different methods to attempt to achieve tattoo removal.  These methods include laser, surgical, excision and acid containing product removers that can actually “EAT” your skin. Most of these methods have their pro’s and con’s, but most just do not work and have serious potential health risks.

The tattoo removal treatment is similar to the original tattoo procedure. It is very similar to being tattooed but with the addition to adding a topical anesthetic which makes it more comfortable during and throughout the treatment.  Linda uses an all Natural Method of treatment to remove the unwanted tattoo. The treatment pushes the ink particles to the surface instead of imbedding them into the skin which LASERS do. The method does not burn the skin and provides for a little or no risk of scaring which LASERS can definitely leave behind. It removes all colors. It is not color dependent!

Lasers treatments can be great for many medical procedures, but when it comes to removing ink there are many concerns.

First, lasers do not remove the ink from the body, light passes through the epidermis and shatters the pigment particle. Molecular vibration then disrupts the dermal tattoo particles causing the lymphatic system to “eat” at the disrupted particles  The pigment from the laser removal settles in the lymph glands leaving a shadow of the original tattoo.

"New all Natural Alternative Treatment" for Tattoo Removal