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SAVE TIME - Imagine never putting on makeup again

How long do you spend putting on and reapplying makeup every week? Ever wish you could skip all that time and hassle but still look your best? With permanent cosmetics, you always look your best without spending any time putting on makeup.

SLOW AGING – Father time got you down?

As we age, our brows, lips, eyes and more can lose some of their luster. Our procedures help rejuvenate your appearance to gain years back in time.

ELIMINATE ALLERGIES – No more bad reactions

Many people are allergic to makeup or have sensitive skin which limits their use of normal cosmetics. With permanent cosmetics, you no longer have to worry about negative reactions with makeup!

NO MORE HIDING BEHIND GLASSES – Boost your confidence!

Many where glasses to help them see, others wear glasses to prevent others from seeing. If you wear glasses to hide your eyes, eyelashes, eyebrows or other imperfections, permanent cosmetics lets you take off those glasses so you can let yourself shine!

REVERSE HAIR LOSS – Get your hair and identity back

Have you lost hair from age, alopecia, chemotherapy, accidents, burns, cosmetic surgery or from other incidents? Permanent cosmetics gives you back your identity by using many procedures to stimulate hair growth. See our gallery page for more info!

STAY ACTIVE WITHOUT THE HASSLE – Does your makeup run as hard as you?

When you’re active, the one thing that shouldn’t run is your makeup. Permanent cosmetics help you look your best without the need for buying, applying and reapplying makeup!

VITILIGO – Reduce appearance of blotchy skin.

Vitiligo can bring down your confidence and lower your self-esteem. Permanent cosmetics can help reduce the visibility of blotchy skin and give you your lifestyle back.

ALOPECIA – Hair loss on certain areas of the body.

Alopecia is a type of medical condition that causes hair loss. Permanent makeup can benefit by giving the allusion of eyelashes and permanent eyebrows where hair loss has occurred.