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Color Removal

Color Correction

Have you experienced a Permanent Makeup procedure go wrong? Sadly enough it happens more often than not. Coming from my own experience, I had a Permanent Cosmetic procedure go wrong which led me to where I am today, the Permanent Cosmetic Industry.

I see a lot of clients for permanent makeup correction work who are unhappy with the shape, color or both of previous procedures. Permanent Makeup can be amazing if it is done properly. Unfortunately, it can be an awful mistake if you don’t educate yourself on who is carrying out the procedures and should never be based on “INEXPENSIVE PRICING.” There are a lot of untrained people offering substandard work. It causes upsetting experiences along with expenses to correct the client’s procedure.

In my experience, one of the main correction issues I work with and come across is a misuse of color pigments and lack of understanding color theory. I see a lot of Pink, Black, Blue eyebrows, and eyeliner from use of poor color pigment quality. Some are easily correctable with color adjustments which are usually correctable. In some cases, the correction can be done in one session and others could take multiple sessions.

You can contact Linda Krantz and email her a picture of the treated area so she can make an assessment on what method of correction is appropriate to regain your confidence back. However, not all color corrections can be corrected. If this is the case, Linda can advise you on what alternative options that might be the best resolution.

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