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Permanent Eyeliner

Permanent Eyeliner

The eyes are the most beautiful and expressive features of the face. They are the first thing people notice about you when they see your face. It’s important to keep our eyes as beautiful, as youthful and as “soulful” as they can be. There are multiple ways to define your eyes and Permanent Eyeliner is the easiest way to enhance their beauty.

Do you ever experience that smudging, flaking, and smearing of your eyeliner, especially on the upper eyelids? Do you want to look years younger? Linda Krantz has the knowledge of certain techniques when it comes to lifting the appearance of an eye. For others, it is a relief of never having “naked eyes.”

There are several methods of creating eyeliner. For those who want a more subtle and natural look, Eyelash Enhancement may be just for you. It will simply make it appear as though your lashes are thicker and darker as opposed to a “full eyeliner” look. For a more dramatic look, a “full eyeliner” is more alluring and striking.


  • Those allergic to traditional makeup or have sensitive skin.
  • Those who suffer from oily skin.
  • Difficulty applying eyeliner due to poor eyesight, unsteady hands or dry eyes.
  • Thin or non-existent lashes.
  • Don’t like the way it smears and disappears.
  • Those who simply want to save time applying makeup.
  • Active outdoor lifestyles.
Pre Care Instructions
  • If you wear eyeglasses, please bring those to your appointment.
  • If you wear contact lenses, do not wear them during the procedure or after for up to 48 hours.
  • It is not a bad idea to have a ride home after an eyeliner procedure if you are sensitive to light. Have sunglasses available. Eyes may be even dilated afterward.
  • Avoid lash tinting 2 weeks before.
  • If you have had Lasik or Cataract Surgery you must get medical clearance from your physician.
  • Eyelash extensions must be removed 1 week prior to your eyeliner procedure.
    If you are using Latisse or any other eyelash serums you will need to discontinue use 2 weeks prior to the procedure.
  • Avoid aspirin, ibuprofen and vitamin E
  • Do not exercise the day of the procedure or up to 7 days after to avoid infection.
  • Do not consume coffee or other caffeine products 2 days before and the day of your procedure.
  • Do not drink alcohol 24 to 48 hours before treatment.
How Long Does the Eyeliner Procedure Take?

An Eyeliner procedure usually takes approximately one hour. Before you begin your treatment it will start with a consultation consisting of the style and color of your preference. After you have approved the style of your choice, color is carefully selected. Then we will proceed with the topical anesthetic to numb and keep you comfortable throughout the process. Procedures require an initial visit as well as a perfecting and touch-up visit one month apart.

What To Expect After Procedure