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Permanent Makeup


All services performed by Certified Master Micropigmentation Artist~Linda Krantz


All Permanent Cosmetic treatments are not necessarily permanent. They can last up to 12 to 18 months for Microblading and 3 years or longer for other Techniques. The pigments we use are completely different than Body Art Ink pigments, which are most definitely permanent. PMU is not the same process as in conventional tattoos.

When having a procedure you are required to come back for a touch-up visit before it can be determined that the work is complete. It’s important to remember not everyone is a perfect candidate. Some skin types are different when it comes to skin tone and skin thickness which can affect the outcome.

You want to be prepared for the color intensity of your procedure to be slightly darker, sharper and brighter than is expected for the final outcome.  It will take some time for this transition based on how quickly the outer layer of your skin exfoliates. Expect the final color to lighten a few shades with the end result looking more natural.

While these micro pigmentation colors may initially simulate the exact color and toned desired, they will not always remain a perfect match. Your skin color will vary depending on; exposure to sun, cold, heat, medications, future medications and circulatory changes. Linda uses one-time disposable needles for every permanent makeup procedure.


  • “Anyone can set up shop.” Most of these practitioners are under no accrediting body that requires a written, oral, and practical exam for certification.
  • No legitimate training on sterilization, how tattooing affects the skin, proper pigments (which can turn your skin Pink, Blue or Black.)
  • How are you to be sure the practitioners are at least competent in knowing the right procedures on how to STERILIZE to avoid infection.
  • Unsterile tattooing equipment and needles can transmit infectious diseases.
  • Needle depth and the skin.
  • Don’t be lured in by Inexpensive Advertisement.
  • No formal training on how tattooing effects the outcome and the skin.
  • Improper instructions for caring for the treated area in the days prior and weeks following the procedure.

A FINAL PIECE OF ADVICE.  “Ask yourself how willing you are to wear someone else’s mistake.”  “Changing permanent makeup is not as easy as changing your mind.” This is your FACE and you only have one!


Selecting a Permanent Makeup Artist can be stressful especially if this is your first procedure. Well one thing is for sure, DO NOT SETTLE… this is your face. You may get a little anxious or impatient because you really want to get permanent makeup and you’re ready to go out there looking “on fleek” from the moment you wake up. Take it slow and do your research.

You want to go to an Artist that is Licensed and Certified by a Legitimate Training School.  Make sure their work is consistent and active.  A great artist will have no problem showing work and the pictures will look somewhat similar. A good artist is willing and can answer any and all questions you have. That is the best way to know if an artist is a Trained Professional if they can answer questions regarding the procedure, process and know what they are doing and talking about.

THE ARTIST IS HONEST!  So many false permanent cosmetic technicians will give false information and false hope to lure you into their Salon or Spa. Make sure the artist lets you know the possible outcomes of permanent makeup that may be affected by skin types, lifestyles, etc… Make sure they use “Only One-Time Disposable Needles.”  This will reassure you the artist cares about you and informs you of any possible outcomes so there are no surprises. Don’t go to anyone that doesn’t make you feel relaxed and calm. It will make you feel more comfortable knowing you did your homework and made the right choice.


YES and NO… Linda uses only the highest quality permanent makeup pigments and they will soften and fade in color over time. Typically 12 to 18 months for semi-permanent Microblading eyebrows.

3 to 5 years or longer in other cases based on cosmetic machine method.

The natural elements, anti-aging creams, facial cleansers containing glycolic acid, sun exposure, tanning beds, future medications and just age of the permanent makeup, without question, will fade in time. Color boosts are recommended.

Permanent Makeup is an Art, NOT a science.  We have no control over your bodies healing process.